29 January, 2012

Sanctity of Marriage?

On this evening, as I am listening to some Chopin (which as always been an inspiration for me, being my favorite composer...hint, hint), I think about how biased people can be.

I recently posted a political cartoon, a satirical comment on people's idea of the sanctity of marriage. It's rather funny: people who are straight who get drunk and want to get married in Vegas are legal to do that. As well as people who want to get married many, many times and have many different ex-spouses, and that's legal. In this country, people like Britney Spears can have a 52 hour wedding. Why? Why is it OK for things like that to happen, but gay people can't have one marriage within every state of this country?

It would destroy the sanctity of marriage, you say? Let's take a nice little walk into this idea. Sanctity, according to Webster's dictionary, means "holiness of life and character". Something interesting to think about. Marriage is holy. It is something grand and wonderful. Nothing to be taken as a joke, but something to share love between two people.

Back to the sanctity of marriage: being something you do not take as a joke...WHY then can straight people have marriages that last only a few days? Does that not sound like a joke to you? That does not make marriage holy, nor. Being holy means to be set apart from, to be exalted. Keep that in mind as we discuss this.

OK, back to those people who get drunk and get married in Vegas. Now, would that sound like something taken seriously? Does that sound like it makes marriage set apart and good in character? I beg to argue that the only thing that is really does is to show that we as a society are ok saying that marriage is joke. Why, then would we be ok with this happening, but two loving gay people cannot get married?

How about those people who have been married many, many times before, the "serial spouses"? That sounds like glorified dating. We all have a past in relationships. That's true. I'm sure that most people have more than one boyfriend or girlfriend. That's dating, a purpose to learn more about oneself and thus expand life. But marriage is a union, a bond. These people who go marrying multiple people show the world that marriage is a valuable as tissue paper: go through one and get another to wipe your nose. Does this make marriage seem set apart, good?

I argue, if straight people are allowed to be able to have all these marriages, why can I as a gay man not be allowed to have just one that is recognized all over in this country? It would not destroy the sanctity of anything! Marriage is a proposal of love to the world, regardless of sexuality. I, as a gay man, can and do love. I love the man in my life, very much so. Why would states like this not allow us to get married?

Marriage produces revenue, regardless of sexuality. We all will have to pay for the venue, the reception, photographer, florist, etc. There is no clause in any law that I've seen that would stop me, as a gay man, from using those services already. I could, using my money, help the economy. That is a conservative ideal. So, my right-wing friends, would that not use one of your thoughts to prove gay marriage? Just one ideal.

Think about that. We, as a community, are close to full unity and equality. Something I feel is getting closer and closer with each day. That I am happy for. I am going to get married to the man I love, regardless of the state. That I do know! But, I pray that more people would wake up, and allow the homosexual community to marry here, and be accepted here as a married couple.

I wish you all a pleasant evening, and many wonderfully good dreams.


  1. Good point... I think your 'Las Vegas' argument trumps my argument that the Right is stuck on the word 'Marriage' rather than the actual contract.

  2. Well, I am sure that there are many facets to the coin, honey. Who really knows what they are stuck on. I hope to combat the idea from all angles, so a to force good and equal change to occur.