07 February, 2012

Prop 8's melting....it's melting!

YAY CALIFORNIA! Prop 8 has been killed, yet again. It's a sweet victory for all the gays and lesbians in this country. Our rights are slowly making their rounds to us, so we can be able to marry the people we are in love with. I cannot be more excited about this. Our rights are slowly making their way to us, people!

Now, that a few states are getting the clue, I pray that all the rest will wake up and see the light. It would really help the economy. I might have stated this is a previous blog, but if gays and lesbians were allowed to marry, we would have to pay money for not only the venue, but the attire, baker, photographer, priest (Justice of the Peace or other marriage officiant), musician, etc. Depending on how detailed some people want to make their marriage, it could be rather expensive. That would go along with right wing ideals.

I wonder when people will finally see that religion and politics will and should not mix. Never ever, ever! Yes, we as a society will have moments where disagreement will occur, but that does not mean that anyone needs to claim that God is on their side, on the other person's side, or on neither side. Just argue your thoughts for their values. A good argument would include facts, responses valid in court. I cannot stand a political argument that ends because of some person says something to the effect of "It's icky". That is an opinion. A viewpoint. Not a fact.

Plus, it seems that some people in this country need a lesson on proper argument techniques...so, I am going to apply them into the blog. It's rather simple, really.

  1. State your claim, supporting yourself with things that have stance like facts (not just views, biases, hatred)
  2. Be respectful of the other person's views, though disagreeing if you do. It's not a bad thing to be open minded. Through arguments, we learn about our world and come to learn more about ourselves. We create valid reasons why we believe a certain way or don't. BUT, that does not mean that the Constitution allows rights for only certain group; we ALL are living under the rights of the Constitution.
Just needed to get that out there. I am sure that because gays and lesbians are getting rights in our own due time, other people are having their one-sided arguments over the issue, using the name of God in a very perverted way. Which brings me to a new point.

Apparently our President "perverted" the word of God because he used it to defend a tax. It makes me laugh that the right wingers would say things like that. I totally forgot that the 1% were the only people that Jesus ever talked to. But, then again, I must be reading the wrong Bible. There are many different pictures out there (which are very true) that explain how Jesus would not be allowed in to many churches that are open today. Jesus taught for us to give up our positions to help the poor, to give things to the poor, and to have equality....things I am sure plenty of right wingers would respond with "Get cleaned and get a job." (Among other things, since Jesus wasn't white.....I am sure some people would add racism if they saw Jesus for real.)

Because I don't want to end on a semi-ranting note, I will leave you with this quote, may it inspire you:
"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past."
-Patrick Henry

05 February, 2012

If Music Be the Food of Love, Sing On

In the simplicities of the heart it comes to engulf you,
Find you and drown you in the ultimate joy that is to have.

Many different notes and rhythms caress your soul as you dive deeply
Underneath the surface of what seems to be something very welcoming and inviting.
Songs fill you with joy;
If only you wanted to escape, you would be able to.
"Come into the joy" it calls!

Beyond any negativity of this world lies a place where we can all be free;
Everywhere you go, you are captured to this happiness.

Taking a deep breath, you give in to the light that surrounds you,
Having no regrets take you as you venture.
Everyone is loved, everyone is the same in its eyes.

For this art is everywhere you go,
On every TV, radio, and iPod.
Over every joyous moment it resides,
Deeply wrapping its listeners in a blanket of the most awesome.

Only those who search it will be able to truly find the joys it possesses.
Form your own path to the creativity that it does provide.

Little passages will dance on your heart and in your heart,
Over and over again playing their playful tune.
Very peaceful things reside here.
Explore every different chord and note.

Sing into the night time air with happy thoughts of love;
Introduce the world with the creativity that resides within your being.
Notice all that music has to offer, all the inspiration that it can provide.
Gladly share this joy with other people.

Only then can you fully feel creativity,
Never ending passions that fully take you over.

03 February, 2012

Responce to responces

I recently was watching a video on youtube where marines were getting briefed on the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, a 17-year-old policy that restricted gays from being open in the armed forces. A few of the marines expressed things that seemed really selfish and one-sided to me.

There were some who took a religious stance on the issue. One even stood up and said "My religion is being pushed just so that I can accept someone else's preference, sexually." Another said something like this "What does the country value more, sexuality or religion?" These are interesting points that people are making...the points that make me sort of irritated at ignorance in this world.

First off, I forgot that we lived in a country where there was only one religion and the first amendment only applied to the freedom of one religion. There is a separation of Church and State, which applies to every religion, not just some or all but one. We all need to learn to co-exist, which does not mean that we all have to agree. The whole aspect of allowing gays and lesbians in the armed forces has nothing to do with the fact that religious freedoms will be hurt, nor will anyone be forced to believe differently or change their views, but the acceptance of gays and lesbians in the armed forces is to help with getting the job done. Ignorance is the issue on this level.

Secondly, some people express their concern that sharing a shower or bunk with a gay person will be very weird and bad. Who says it has to be that way? Gays do not join the armed forces to get some. I really doubt that that's how it works in the first place. There are too many people out there that seem to think that if they are in the presence of a gay person, that that gay person will want them. Get that out of your head. Especially in the armed forces. Attraction can be a flattering thing, but we do know where the limits are. Just completely let it all go.

Overall, people need to be a bit more open of gays in the armed forces. Put aside your religious beliefs (which have no business in politics) and know that no person is making you feel any differently. This is about co-existence. It is immature and ignorant to seem to think that your views (and the views of the popular religion) need to dominate the whole. I wish more people would see that.