30 January, 2012

Living Hate

People come and go,
Here and there living life,
And it is still to be lived within this form.

Days go by into nights,
Yet we all still lack the proper way to love:
We are all one kind.

Fighting and wars cut hopes and dreams into many pieces,
The people of these cities cannot obtain their joy,
And we still live that lie that tells us we are ok.

Does the rain fall from the sky?
Or the mountains, are they not made of earth?
Do we not get what we are doing?

Making people to hate and kill,
Sending the world into mass frenzy:
The earth, she dies a little everyday.

Rain falls on the Greek and the Russians,
Sun shines on the Americans and the Iraqis.
We are all in the same place.

Masses think without knowing,
People are being mislead without understanding,
And all we can do is know.

Troubles do follow this life,
Hard as she may be, it is the way that we must go.
And we must know the ways into her.

Masses think about their families with guilt,
They lack the official knowledge to understand life fully,
And so are bitten every waking moment with an unknown spy.

Love your fellow person as yourself,
Such is the rule laid out in golden light.
Live and be made to live.

Wake up, oh you who wash with the unknown,
Being deceived and misplaced you grow in immaturity.
Grow into the truth and live.

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