05 February, 2012

If Music Be the Food of Love, Sing On

In the simplicities of the heart it comes to engulf you,
Find you and drown you in the ultimate joy that is to have.

Many different notes and rhythms caress your soul as you dive deeply
Underneath the surface of what seems to be something very welcoming and inviting.
Songs fill you with joy;
If only you wanted to escape, you would be able to.
"Come into the joy" it calls!

Beyond any negativity of this world lies a place where we can all be free;
Everywhere you go, you are captured to this happiness.

Taking a deep breath, you give in to the light that surrounds you,
Having no regrets take you as you venture.
Everyone is loved, everyone is the same in its eyes.

For this art is everywhere you go,
On every TV, radio, and iPod.
Over every joyous moment it resides,
Deeply wrapping its listeners in a blanket of the most awesome.

Only those who search it will be able to truly find the joys it possesses.
Form your own path to the creativity that it does provide.

Little passages will dance on your heart and in your heart,
Over and over again playing their playful tune.
Very peaceful things reside here.
Explore every different chord and note.

Sing into the night time air with happy thoughts of love;
Introduce the world with the creativity that resides within your being.
Notice all that music has to offer, all the inspiration that it can provide.
Gladly share this joy with other people.

Only then can you fully feel creativity,
Never ending passions that fully take you over.

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